Quattro Won’t Save You From Deep Wet Snow

Today we got a little snow at our house, but it had all melted by the afternoon so we decided to drive up the street to walk the dog. Our destination was only a couple miles up the road, but also 500 feet higher in elevation. Boy, what a difference some elevation makes. Our walking spot had about 6 to 8 inches of snow. The little pull-out where we park had a berm of snow next to the road where the snow plow deposited some snow earlier in the.

We had parked in this spot under seemingly similar conditions on a number of occasions in the past, so I figures no big deal. Plow through the snowy berm, park, walk, and plow back through the berm on the way out. All went according to plan until that last step.

I pulled out from the parked spot just fine, hit the berm, and stopped in the position you see in the photo above, just inches from the road. In the past, the snow has been dry and fluffy. The allroad just displaced the snow and drove on, no problem. The snow today was heavy and wet. It just compacted under the car and acted like a wedge, lifting the front end of the car up so the wheels barely made contact with the ground.

Some kind passers-by tried pulling the allroad out without success. Ultimately, I had to call on fellow club member and avant owner Greg to rescue us. Greg brought shovels, and we excavated the snow from underneath the allroad. After much shoveling, we were able to push the allroad backwards and dig out the remaining snow in front of the car. Then we easily drove out.

Lesson: A car with 7 inches of ground clearance can’t drive through a foot of wet snow.

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