January Monthly Meeting Minutes

On Friday, February 13th, 2017, the club conducted its January Monthly Meeting at Park Plaza.

5:15pm: Chris motioned to begin the meeting; Steve seconded. Members in attendance: Chris, Steve, Greg, Thea, and Karen.

Discussion ensued regarding the destination for the Spring Rally. Those in attendance unanimously agreed that Bisbee would make a good destination as Steve, Greg and Thea had never been to Bisbee.

Discussion then turned to scheduling. Because of the large number of interesting attractions between Prescott and Bisbee, it was determined that 4 days would be needed. The rally was moved from late March to the second week of March to coincide with spring break. The rally will depart Prescott on Thursday, March 16th. Thursday night will be spent in Tucson, with the following two nights in Bisbee. The rally will return to Prescott on Sunday, March 19th.

Action items were discussed next. Chris and Thea will communicate regarding the design of a club logo and printing of teeshirts for the rally. Chris will prepare a proposed agenda and route for the rally and submit it to the membership for review before the next meeting.

Then discussion was opened to the floor. Greg announced that he had sold his 1985 911 targa. The club morned the sale, but Greg was comforted that he still had a beautiful Audi A6 Avant to drive on the rally.

6:30 p.m.: Chris motioned to adjourn the meeting, and Steve seconded.

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  1. Rich says “boo” on the sale of the 1985 Targa. His opinion is rooted in the fact that he has not had an opportunity to drive said Targa.

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