Chris’ Car History

1982 Mercury Lynx. I got this car from my grandparents when I was 15. It was slow as hell, but it got me around to a lot of bike races.

1982 Mercury Lynx

1989 Hond Civi Si 5 speed. This was a fun car and I could fit the contents of my dorm room inside.

1989 Honda Civic Si

1993 Infinit G20 5 speed. This was a big upgrade from the Civic, but was surprisingly troublesome for a Nissan.

2003 Hyundai Elantra GT 5 speed. This was not a sexy car, but it was my first new car and it drove way better than the Infiniti (probably because it had new shocks). I added a larger rear sway bar and it was a fun drive.

2003 Hyundai Elantra GT

2001 Mercedes C240 Sport.  I bought this in 2007 with 12,000 miles. Gotta love rich snowbirds. It was an enormous step up from anything I had driven before. This car had every option Рsport package, full power and memory on both front seats, auto lights and wipers, etc. It was very comfortable and quiet. I upgraded the suspension with OEM C32 suspension and while it was not fast by any stretch, it handled well. It looked great, and I still miss it.

2001 Mercedes C240

2004 Audi allroad 2.7t. This car was quite luxurious and reasonably quick considering it’s size. It was great for road trips and had the most comfortable seats. I loved this car except for the catastrophic maintenance costs and the ¬†horrible fuel economy (16-18 mpg). I traded this in after 12 months so I didn’t go bankrupt.

2004 Audi allroad
A C5 allroad in its natural state.

2012 Volkswagen Sportwagen TDi with DSG (dual clutch automated manual transmission). Fantastic car, one of the best I’ve ever driven. Super comfortable, incredible fuel economy, and really fun to drive with good tires and an aftermarket rear sway bar. But you probably know how this ended: I sold it back to VW in the wake of the diesel witch hunt. So sad.

2012 Volkswagen Sportwagen TDi


2013 Audi allroad. Beautiful car. Very quiet. Great in the snow. The current crop of Audi seats aren’t that comfortable. Any automatic transmission sucks in comparison to a DSG transmission and the fuel economy is about 60% of what the TDi got. It’s fast enough to get you in trouble, makes a decent sound when you get on the throttle. and it really sticks around the corners.

2013 Audi allroad

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