We’re a club focussed on cars, made up of people who like driving and talking about cars. Most of us do not have exotic cars, but we enjoy the cars we have. You do need a car to join, and you can join with almost any car, with a few exceptions, set forth below.

Toyota Prius sucks
If you’re visiting this page, you are familiar with this 4-wheeled appliance, the Toyota Prius. It is driven by people who do not like driving.

We’ve singled out the Prius because it is representative of an entire class of cars that lack any enthusiasm for driving whatsoever.

Another class of excluded cars is sometimes politically incorrectly described as riced-out cars Рcars with cut springs, half-complete body kits, giant wings and exhaust systems that sound like an awful fart. Nobody wants to listen to your car fart its way through a day of driving.

Other than that, come out to our next gathering and meet some fellow enthusiasts!